FiveFeathers – Multiplayer Pirate Game


We’re back! After two long years, a new game has been developed by (old and new) members of the Impossibru team! It’s still a DEMO version, but we are proud of what we accomplished in these four months of development.


We, three students studying Interactive Media and Digital Arts at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, implemented a multiplayer game to be played on state-of-the-art smartphones and tablets. We decided on a pirate theme, where the players would take the roles of a pirate crew on a ship, and guide them through the seas, overcoming various obstacles on their way. There should be different tasks on the ship, which need to be completed by the players in order to survive and reach land. The total number of these tasks has to be at least 1 higher than the number of players, so every player has to do different tasks at different times, and not the same task all the time.

The multiplayer gameplay should take place locally, players would need to be in the same location while playing the game and coordinate with each other without in-game chat services.

For the project to be interesting from a technical point, we wanted the number of players in the game to be able to change dynamically, which means all players, including the one who started the game can enter and leave the game at any time. The difficulty, frequency and amount of different tasks which have to be completed by the players should scale dynamically with the number of players.


  • Mobile multiplayer game (2-5 players)
  • Cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, OS X)
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Local connection (WLAN)
  • Players can enter/leave at any time
  • No global game state (server)
  • 2D graphics
  • Touchscreen & sensor controls

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 Play BLOCKOBAN! A new tricky, innovative and mind-bending puzzle game which is also a revolution of the puzzle genre! The goal of the game is easy. You have to build ways for your nameless hero by moving blocks to collect all the gems on the playfield.

What Others say about Blockoban:

“Addictive gameplay with countless levels. Works flawlessly, huge scope of the game.”

“Maybe the best game in this genre. Very versatile. First levels are aber age but then it becomes additive!”

“fun & challenging i love the style, and the level variety – and i can even create my own levels – perfect!”

“Awesome puzzle game! Love it”

Created with V-Play Game Engine



we are Impossibru, two(soon maybe more) students from University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. We release cool mobile games and post about them on this blog.

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